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With every purchase over $150.00, we include the Juiceman's A/Z Remedy Book that contains Juice Therapy Remedies created from the great, late teachers such as Dr. Norman Walker, Dr. Gerson, and Jay Kordich, the Juiceman.  It's a small, hardcover pocketbook that you can take with you while shopping for produce. Concurrent with the shipment of this A/Z Remedy book, we also send you a duplicate copy in EBOOK format.

For every purchase over $200.00, we will be including the A/Z Remedy book and ebook plus the EBOOK, "Living in the Green Zone"  which is full of amazingly delicious juice therapy remedies and lots of wonderful suggestions on how to create your own living, healthy kitchen.

With every purchase over $250.00, we will be giving away our BEAUTIFUL, hardcover, tabletop quality, full-color book, Live Foods/Live Bodies, filled with beautiufl smoothie and juice therapy remedies as well as delicious gluten-free, vegan food recipes from Jay and Linda Kordich's kitchen.

With every purchase over $500.00, we will be giving you our world-class (award-winning) Living Health Program (valued at $389.00) which includes 5 CDS from Jay and Linda Kordich, 2 DVDs (filmed in beautiful Hawaii) and our Live Foods/Live Bodies book, (A/Z book included) all beautifully packaged which will be sent to you as soon as you place your order.

With every purchase over $700.00, you will get Jay and Linda's School of Juicing Program which is an ONLINE program that you will own forever. Included in this is their Live Foods/Live Bodies hardcover, full-color book with A/Z book included.

Value?  Priceless!


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