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I sincerely want to make sure you have a great experience with us.

With Jay's passing, I am now running the website that serves a company owned solely by me, Linda Kordich. I would like you to rest assured that we have your best interests at heart in terms of both Customer Service and in aiding your nutritional pursuits.

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*** Please email us at: I'll will get back to you the same day. *** Please see the note below regarding the previous company representing Jay and Linda Kordich ***.


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Suggestions for improving our Website are welcome! I would also love to hear from you with any product suggestions. Contact Linda at with your great ideas.

Or... Call Us at (715) 642-5185

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*** We Don’t Sell or Represent the PowerGrind Pro Juicer Series. The company, Live Foods Live Bodies LLC that had been running and selling the PowerGrind Pro Juicers closed its doors last November. Linda and I were not owners of this company, nor did we make any kind of executive decisions or play a part in any of their decisions. Our only connection was a licensing agreement with the previous company to use our names and likeliness.

We regret that we are unable to support customers of the previous company.

The Good News Is

I am now in charge of our site, our blogs, and our Facebook page. I intend on writing weekly blogs and filming various kinds of juicer and blender reviews so that those of you who are interested in how juicers and blenders perform, we can reveal the truths, the weaknesses and strengths of each one of them.

I also plan on continuing to write books and e-books, create CDs and DVDs to help inspire and educate those who are interested in living this kind of empowering lifestyle.

In Remberance of Jay Kordich,

Linda Kordich