Juice Therapy Remedies, A to Z Digital Version

Juice Therapy Remedies, A to Z Digital Version

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"This book of JUICE THERAPY discusses how the body can heal itself, given the proper nutrition to work with in the form of fresh juices. You will find in my therapy book 76 different remedies from A to Z, recipes I have been using for close to 60 years!" — Jay Kordich

Jay Kordich, shares his personal secrets for:

  • Juice combinations that will give you MORE ENERGY
  • Overcoming COMMON AILMENTS with fresh juices
  • IMMUNE STRENGTHENING juice recipes
  • The top 10 tips for LIVING LONGER.
  • Healing juice recipes for ALLERGIES, ARTHRITIS, ASTHMA and more

Jay Kordich is our GREATEST LIVING TEACHER on juice therapies. Within this small, but valuable pocket guide of juice therapy recipes you will learn the secret health giving juice recipes Jay has developed and refined for the last 60 years. There is detailed nutritional information about which fruit and vegetables are best and why, plus the exact combinations that will benefit you the most.

People tell us it's the one book they keep in their kitchen and refer to it time after time as they make their daily fresh fruit and vegetable juice recipes. It's also pocketbook sized for easy carrying. Take it to the grocery store or the produce market as a great one-stop nutritional resource.

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