"Jay's words and wisdom have changed my life forever, he is truly a Master teacher! Thank god I found his Live Foods/Live Bodies Book."
— Claudia Metcalfe

"I was so pleased to receive my beautiful book and stayed up for hours reading it, and even took it to work with me.....it's become like my new best friend! I love the way it's written and also the recipes are fantastic!"
— Sherrie Stewart, Phoenix, Arizona

"Wow is all I can say....when we got the LIVE FOODS LIVE BODIES Book, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! Not just beautiful but the juicing and supergreen juices are fantastic. Nothing like being hooked up with the 'real deal'.... you guys are the best! "
— Adrienne Kingston, Detroit, Michigan

"All non sense aside, this is the most valuable Living Health Program I purchased in a long time. Our whole family thanks you guys for this amazing health giving product!!!! We are juicing our brains out!!!!!!!!! Thanks a million!!!!"
— Vladi, Paula and Sarai


"Coastal Carolina Integrated Medicine says:  You have been my favorite JuiceMan for 30 years! All my kids were raised knowing you and your juicers/juice recipes and now I have a whole generation to present as "research" showing if kids are raised on organic juice and organic food they just don't get sick, or get cavities & they have extreme health! My oldest starts medical school in July, and she is a committed juicer thanks to you! Just wanted you to know the lives you have inspired!"

— Dr.Carly Willeford

Hello, Linda

"I wanted to let you know that my wife and I are in our 5th week of Juicing and eating raw foods. We juice twice a day and eat a live food meal once a day. I have lost 43 pounds in 4 weeks and my wife has lost 16 pounds. We both feel great and can out work any 30 year old. The main purpose of this email is to tell you and Jay Thank You so very much for leading us into this new life style. WOW!! What a difference it has made in our lives. I am 66 and my wife is 64 both of us are retied and thanks to you we have a whole new outlook on life. When we started this journey we started cold turkey and gave up all coffee, tea, all animal products and we cook very little food. I have expanded my Organic Garden by adding another 7,000 sq. ft. for an orchard and more vegetables. This will give us 14,000 sq. ft. of organic food to keep us going in our new life style.

Again Thank You Very Much from the bottom of our hearts for your inspiration and help. May God Bless you both."

— Bill & Norma O'Dell

Dear Linda,

"I have been a blood donor for over 10 years. But a year ago, for the first time I was unable to do so because my iron level was too low. After seeing a commercial about a juicer, I thought that juicing might be the best way to get the iron my body needed. When I researched juicing, in was obvious that Jay Kordich was the true Father of Juicing. But what impressed me the most was that   you and Jay were promoting an actual way of life rather than just promoting a juicer. I purchased a Tribest Juicer and after juicing for 90 days, my iron level shot through the roof and I LOST 30 pounds.... and I was not even trying to loose weight. I now feel like I am addicted to juicing and blending. Your great information has taught me to eat more whole foods and avoid "junk food". I am 62 years old and take no medications, just a multivitamin to get the benefits for Vitamin D.

I just want to thank you and Jay for coming into my life, it has been a blessing!"
— M. Rivera

“I play/read your dvds and cds daily, and that is exactly how I eat due to health challenges. The juicing just leads a person into this natural lifestyle, with juicing as the main part of my nutrition, followed by salads, and fruit, very little cooked. I hope there is another book or something along the way, just can't get enough of Jay Kordich.”
— Joseph Stiller, Chicago Illinois

“I've been juicing for three years now. I have lost 35 pounds and went from a size 34 waist to a size 29. : ) I just got measured this last week for body fat which is at 7.8%, Body water is at 66.7% and my metabolic age is 12! I'm open and willing for anyone to use me as an example of what you can do when you put your mind to it.”
— B. Fowler, San Diego, California

“I just want Jay to know how much I have appreciated the book he wrote—my first one died because I kept referring to it so many times. The pages kept falling out, so I finally bought another one! Over the last 20 years I have always bought the Juiceman Juicers they are and have been the best. I trust the products. I have recommended Jay’s Juicers and his book to all my friends. I am now 69 and moving closer by the minute to the next # but never learned how to count that high. So thank you Jay for all you have done for me in my life—past, present and future to help me live a healthier life.”
— Gracie Johnson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Jay, you are an inspiration. I have changed my life because of you. My mother, age 65, also juices daily and she follows a daily exercise program. We juice together and whip up one of your special juice recipes, then take off for a brisk six mile walk around the neighborhoods. I know this will be part of my lifestyle for the rest of my life. Thank you!"
— Mary Ginka, Royal Oak, Michigan

"The first thing that inspired me was that you used to be a professional football player, like myself. I had issues with arthritis, and found some recipes that have really helped. I now juice pineapple/grapefruit, and the inflammation and swelling have gone down! Plus I used to have intestinal challenges, and now through the vegetable juices I drink daily, I have noticed a big difference."
— Charles Young, former tight end for San Francisco 49ers

"Jay, the purpose of my letter is just one of support and appreciation of what you are accomplishing and teaching those who are so desperately in need of and deserve to be vibrant and healthy. As a professional nutritional consultant and fitness enthusiast, I know the fabulous benefits one can derive from juicing, I juice every single day, thanks to you. I also recommend juicing to my patients, and have seen how juicing has helped them also. I know you are richly blessed, sharing the greatest gift of all with the world, the gift of health."
— Steve O. William, PhD., and international consultant, Costa Rica

"I have been juicing because of Jay since May 1996. I make juice 3 times a day. It has clearly changed my life in so many ways. I am 59 years old and I know juicing has bought me time. I can now change health insurance companies every 2-3 years with no more pre-existing conditions. From 50 pounds lost in 4 years and it never came back. To stomach issues, skin disorders, blood sugar issues, IBS and so much more. Jay gave me a quality of life which the doctors could not do at any price or pain of doing it the American Medical Way. Thank You."
—Richard Ring, longtime juicer.

"Jay Kordich is the Master Teacher in the world today on Juicing and Living Foods"
— Michael Murray, N.D.