Jay and Linda's 31 Days of Fresh Juicing! (Ebook)

Jay and Linda's 31 Days of Fresh Juicing! (Ebook)

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It can be quite a challenging journey when we first begin, but with eBooks like this, you will feel confident in beginning a new lifestyle that won’t devolve but evolve!

Get ready to lose weight and feel great!

Our 31 day Juicing plan is filled with our best juice therapy juice combinations as well as great tips on what to eat to easily lose weight yet not starve ourselves.

They’re easy to make as well as derived from world renown experts such as Dr. Walker and Dr. Gerson’s juice therapy practices. Jay worked with Dr. Gerson and Dr. Walker back in the 1950s, learning the concepts from the great master teachers. He has been teaching juicing for close to 70 years, and for me, at least 35 years.

Jay and I will share with you how to understand the real ways to sustain and integrate Juicing into your daily regime.

You will also learn about how to make your own juice combinations easily and tastefully as well as not being sugary, yet taste exceptionally well.

You Will Also Learn the Following:

  • All our Juice combinations are designed to be low glycemic
  • How to Cut, Clean and Organize your Produce for an entire week
  • Discover the Healing Power of Plants
  • How long we can safely fast with fresh Vegetable Juices
  • How to Incorporate easy to prepare Vegan/Living Foods into your daily juicing regimen
  • Discover the Importance to Simplicity, Organization and Support
  • Learn how to Store your Produce effectively while juicing for the week
  • How to Create your own Personal Living Kitchen, easily
  • The ‘best’ Tools, appliances and equipment you will need to get started
  • How to Create the best Basic Super-smoothies and Juices
  • Get hooked up to the best authors and lecturers we admire
  • Learn about enzymes and where they come from

Our 31 Days to Juicing Includes:

  • Digestive Juice Aids (specifically designed to drink with your meals)
  • Classic Juice Tonics from the Master Teachers, including Jay Kordich
  • All Green Juice Combinations that taste fantastic
  • Breakfast Super-Smoothies

You will find that this eBook is fun and informative. Learning to juice can be quite daunting and following those experts like me and Jay will insure that you are learning from people who have been doing this for many many decades...probably over 100 years!

It’s a priceless gift when we learn to keep ourselves and our loved ones vitally healthy and hopefully disease free for as long as we live.