The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Lectures!
The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Lectures!
The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Lectures!

The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Lectures!

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 Don't know who Jay Kordich is? 

Check him out below:

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This digital/audio program guarantees you'll NEVER BE BORED listening and learning from the Juice Master himself, Jay Kordich!

 This is the Jay Kordich Juicing Audio Library. This Complete Set of 12 chapters, designed to explain in detail the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juice combining. You will also learn specific juice combinations taught by the late great master teachers whom Jay studied with back in the 1950s....which will help the body cleanse naturally and repair itself. Jay Kordich is the father of Juicing; teaching millions of people the power of juice therapy since 1948.

You will need NO other audio program.  Everything you'll need to know is here from the Father of Juicing himself, Jay Kordich!

Guaranteed to Inspire and Motivate you and all who listen!  

(Buy the Library for yourself and gift some of the lectures to family and friends!)  

There's 12 of them and each one is almost an hour long.  Guaranteed to keep you entertained. Jay Kordich is a Master Teacher and a Master at entertaining us at the same time.

What's in the Audio Library?

1. What "is" Juice Therapy?  

(Jay tells us the secrets to superior health via juice therapy)

2. Discover The Healthiest Diet Ever!  

(Discover what Lifeforce is, high juicing lifestyle, including high fiber foods, superfoods, including the healing power of citrus!  These are some of the secrets.)

3. Powerful Protein-Packed Vegetable Juice Combinations 

(Learn about how Spinach is a perfect protein food and when combined with certain vegetables, it accelerates their bio-availability even more!)

4. The Vital Role of Enzymes in Juices  

(how they are the KEY to the LIFEFORCE we desperately need)

5. Incredible Healing Powers from Fresh Fruit and their Juices

(Their natural mineral waters are underestimated!)

6. Raising Healthy Children with specific Juice combinations they'll love

(plus lots of wonderful tips for new mothers)

7. Lose Weight quickly by using Specific Juice Combinations 

(people can lose up to 30 pounds a month when starting a new juicing lifestyle)

8. Juicing GIves us a Healthy Digestive System - immediately! 

(Digestion is KEY to superior health!)

9. Sexual Vitality at ANY age! 

(especially as we age) 

10. Juice Therapy Juices Builds super Healthy Organs!  

(Healthy Blood = Healthy Organs...learn from Jay)

11. Boost Your Immune System with  Specific Juices 

( Juicing delivers (in spades) a Powerful Immune System)

12. Beautiful Healthy Skin and Hair are Yours! 

(Jay reveals the best fruits and greens, veggie juices for beautiful hair, nails and skin)

*Each lecture is approximately 45 minutes.  Some are longer and some are shorter.