The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Chapters

The Jay Kordich Juicing & Nutrition Audio Library - 12 Chapters

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Juiceman Jay Kordich Juicing Audio Library. This Complete Set of 12 chapters is designed to explain in detail the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable juicing. You will also learn specific juice combinations you can use that will help the body cleanse and repair itself. Jay Kordich is the father of Juicing, teaching millions of people the power of juicing since 1948.

Purchased separately this program would cost close to $200.00.  Buy now and save!  Own the entire set. Learn from the Master Teacher who taught for close to 70 years - the Power of Juicing! Guaranteed...guaranteed to Inspire and Motivate you and all who listen!

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1. Introduction to Juicing (45 minutes)*

2. The Juiceman's Personal Diet Regime (45 minutes)*

3.  Vegetable Juices and Protein Sources (45 minutes)*

4.  The Power of Vitamins and Minerals (45 minutes)*

5.  Fruits and their Perfect Mineral Water (45 minutes)*

6.  Raising Healthy Children with Fresh Juices (45 mins)*

7.  Lose Weight and Lower Bad Cholesterol Naturally

(45 minutes)*

8.  Prevent Colon Cancer with a Healthy Digestive System (45 minutes)*

9.  Sexual Vitality into your 60s, 70s and 80s (45 minutes)*

10. Build strong Heart, Liver, Kidneys and other Organs (45 minutes)*

11. Boost Your Immune System for Disease Prevention (45 minutes)*

12.  Beautiful Healthy Skin and Hair (45 minutes)*

*45 minutes is a recording estimation. Some are longer and some are shorter. Please note.