The Juicing Master Class SPECIAL!  Regular $399.00 NOW $199.00 until 4/1/2024
The Juicing Master Class SPECIAL!  Regular $399.00 NOW $199.00 until 4/1/2024

The Juicing Master Class SPECIAL! Regular $399.00 NOW $199.00 until 4/1/2024

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WAS $399.00 NOW $199.00 - until midnight 4/1/2024

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Comes with a diploma from the Jay Kordich Institute

Close to 800 digitally recorded pages. Super easy to use and highly informative. You'll never find another juicing masterclass like this. Learn from the MASTER HIMSELF. 65 plus years teaching juice therapy.

You'll learn things never taught in any class that were given to Jay from his great mentors: Dr. Gerson, Dr. Walker, John Lust and Dr. Jensen, Dr Kirschner.

The Juiceman's Juicing Master Class!
by Jay and Linda Kordich



Here's What's in Our Program: 

Our Juicing Master Class is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to learn the healing power of Juice Therapy; not just juicing... Trust me, if you're not motivated or inspired to eat well or juice on a daily basis - how can we continue to stay healthy?  This, I have found is the key to staying healthy for the rest of our lives.  Jay Kordich will GIVE this to you in spades!

If you want to learn what real juice therapy is ALL about, look no further. Jay Kordich, known by millions as the Father of Juicing but more commonly known as the Juiceman is delivering his entire message he garnered over 68 years from teaching millions of people about the restorative and healing power of juicing!

This program will change your life forever!  Learning from the only real JUICING Master Teacher our world has to offer is worth every penny you will invest. This program sells for $999.00 but for a limited time, we are lowering the price, big time....due to Covid-19 health challenges!  Take advantage now, you'll never regret it.

Jay cured himself of cancer back in 1948 when he was first confronted with cancer of the bladder at the tender age of 26.  He met up with Dr. Max Gerson and within just months he was on his way to wellness.  

Linda Kordich, Jay's widow and companion in life for close to 40 years, has produced and recorded, digitally, the entire 750 pages of vast knowledge garnered from not just Jay's vast background but also Linda's 50 years of teaching juicing.  Many videos and audios from Jay's entire teaching library have been inserted into the program.  Jay's ability to inspire and motivate are LEGENDARY!

Linda was Jay's strength behind the scenes, helping him write all of his books; produce his shows as well as being the mother to their two children, how 37 and 35.


"I used to see Jay on television, day and night, night and day and one day I finally broke down and purchased his program.  I had no idea what I was getting into once I started to feel so much better than ever before.  I followed his regimen and 30 years later, I'm still quite youthful and feel like I'm in my 40s when I'm actually in my 70s. Jay's the real deal.  He's been teaching since the 1940s, and these are the kinds of people i follow...those who've spent a lifetime learning, teaching and preaching.  Thank you Jay Kordich, you're my hero."  Jonathan T. Mission Viejo, California  

Note from Linda;

We just lowered the price of the JUICING Master Class....take advantage now! INCLUDED IN THIS JUICING MASTERCLASS/School of Juicing, I am adding in our Living Health Program. (see below for more details)

This is an incredible program that promises you'll know more and have  more knowledge than you could ever imagine as it relates to LIVING WELL - LOVING HARD - JUICING DAILY. And you'll also learn the true secrets behind proper juicing combining! 99% of all teachers have no idea what true Juice Therapy is.

"Talk about inspiring.  Jay Kordich changed my life 30 years ago and to see him come alive again in this digital program transformed my life - I learned that holding onto old negative patterns kept me from experiencing true vital health. And I am so grateful I took the leap. Jay and Linda - I'll be using this program for the rest of my life to stay inspired, thank you!"  Karen C.- (graduate of the Jay Kordich Institute).

"THIS program is incredibly valuable...I learned more than I could have ever learned from any teacher. I highly recommend taking this heartwarming and inspiring, motivating program." Jenny -  (graduate of the Jay Kordich Institute).


"I had no idea this program was so comprehensive! Learning how to juice herbs, flowers and weeds blew my mind and I can see how weeds can be a powerful healing tool to use not only for my own ailments but to help others as well. I also love the fact I'll be getting a certificate of completion by the Jay Kordich Institute." Darren L. (United Kingdom and (graduate of the Jay Kordich Institute).


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