Jay and Linda Kordich's Inspiring and Motivating Award Winning Program
Jay and Linda Kordich's Inspiring and Motivating Award Winning Program
Jay and Linda Kordich's Inspiring and Motivating Award Winning Program
Jay and Linda Kordich's Inspiring and Motivating Award Winning Program
Jay and Linda Kordich's Inspiring and Motivating Award Winning Program
Jay and Linda Kordich's Inspiring and Motivating Award Winning Program

Jay and Linda Kordich's Inspiring and Motivating Award Winning Program

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This is an award winning program...and rightfully so. We've never had a return!

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Now is the time to buy...we are selling out of this program and will ONLY be selling it digitally.  We used to sell it at our seminars for $389.00 and now I am discounting this beautiful program to $59.95 with free shipping anywhere in the contiguous USA. It's huge and heavy!  Unfortunately I only have 8 left so please purchase before they're gone.


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THE ULTIMATE PROGRAM designed to help you LIVE LONGER and LIVE better by learning the secrets to Living Foods and Juices.

5 Cds - 2 Dvds - 1 Hardcover

full-color - Live Foods/Live Bodies book

                           One out of thousands (of testimonials):

”This Program changed my life. Jay kept me motivated, focused, and inspired beyond anything I could never imagine. JAY and Linda, you’ve changed my life thank you!”  Karen Johnson, Minneapolis, MN.

For the first time, Jay and Linda Kordich, have assembled their combined 90 years of experience in NUTRITION, JUICE THERAPY, and HEALING FOODS in one place. Jay and Linda usually teach the information in this comprehensive program during a 2-day seminar/retreat that costs over $1,500. But now you can get all ... for a fraction of that price!

The package includes:  (click on the blue for more information)

This is Jay's most complete package of materials, all the secrets, all the experience, all the healing and life-giving recipes from the Father of Juicing, Jay Kordich and his wife Linda. The LIVE FOODS LIVE BODIES Program. If you own a juicer this program is the perfect compliment.

 Testimonials: (two out of thousands...)

"Jay Kordich looks like a man in his late 50's, and to find out he is in his EARLY 90's in a true testament to his teachings!"
— Steve Keyes, San Francisco, Ca.

"I love this book so much, I actually take it to work with me!"  I learned so much about natural foods, not just about juicing. I learned how to do a 3 day fast which really fits in well with my work schedule and it was an amazing experience.  I highly highly recommend this book...and it's a true work of art visually too."  --- Lucinda F.


 Description of the Live Foods/Live Bodies book:

This book will take you from the beginning understanding as to why Living Foods are VITAL to superior health as well as understanding that weight loss is all about transforming the palate.  Once you get the hang of this...you’ll lose weight easily!

This book is UNLIKE any book you’ll ever purchase...

Jay and Linda share their entire 100 plus years in teaching the powers of Juicing and eating and preparing Living Foods to understanding the concepts of Enzymes and why they are the major KEY to longevity and weight loss.

They show 12 Powerful Digestive Green Juice Recipes to eat with meals to help activate Enzyme Power in your meals.  They also introduce the concept of Our Living Kitchen...another KEY to successful natural food living and eating.

THIS IS A MUST BUY!  Every page is FULL COLOR and HARDBACK with sewn in (not glued) pages. Also you’ll find a beautiful lime green ribbon sewn in as well to mark your favorite page. There’s SO much in this book....you’re going to love it. We’ve never had a return in 10 years! 

DVD: The Power of Living Foods

60 minutes long!  A really fun journey you're going to take with Jay and Linda while filming in beautiful Hawaii.....

Discover the man behind the juicer! Jay takes you on a visual journey that is memorable and truly entertaining. Learn about Jay's past and his bout with cancer, and his incredible success teaching millions of Americans about the power of juicing. In this inspiring film Jay provides:

  • Packed with Information about the HEALING POWER OF LIVING FOODS
  • The Juicing and Food recipes Jay recommends for BEST HEALTH AND VITALITY
  • The importance of ENZYMES - the KEY to superior health!
  • Fun and healthy MOTIVATION to keep on you juicing.

This is incredible knowledge and experience only Jay Kordich can provide. Now 87 years old, he shares his SECRETS TO LONG LIFE AND VITALITY with you and your family.

Beautifully shot in Hawaii
LENGTH: 60 minutes

DVD: A Passion For Juice!

This DVD takes us into the kitchen with Jay. He motivates and teaches you correct juicing methods in an easy to follow, step by step approach like only Jay can do. Jay shares his over 65 years of juicing and nutrition knowledge, revealing his TOP 12 HEALING JUICE REMEDIES in this information-packed, one hour DVD. This program is a must for anybody wanting to learn:

  • How fresh juices can help you LIVE LONGER
  • The REJUVENATING POWERS of juice therapy
  • Why JUICE COMBINATIONS are better than single juices
  • What JUICES JAY DRINKS daily and when
  • Much, Much more!

"Understanding juice therapy can change your life, helping you to live longer and live better!" says Jay. "This is why I made this DVD." Jay is brilliant in this DVD; energetic, knowledgeable, and inspiring.

Beautifully shot in Hawaii
LENGTH: 60 minutes

CD: Live Foods Live Bodies!

Are you wondering what we mean by "Live Foods Live Bodies"? LIVE FOODS, LIVE BODIES refers to the NATURAL HEALING and RESTORATIVE POWERS "locked" inside raw foods. When we say "Live Foods Live Bodies" we are talking about consuming a large portion of your daily diet as live foods, like fresh juices, salads, and fruits. Cooked food is "dead food". Linda Kordich shares with you her 30 years of experience preparing healthy, living food meals, for her husband Jay and their two sons, John and Jayson. In this CD you'll learn:

  • How to build your own "Living Kitchen"
  • Simple techniques and recipes for preparing LIVING MEALS.
  • How cooking destroys the "Life-Force" of food.
  • The secret to ENZYMES, why we all need them, and how they will help you LIVE LONGER.

This CD will change the way you think about your current diet and inspire you to eat more living foods. "It's where all your vital life-force comes from," says Jay. Use Linda's 30 years of experience as a NATURAL FOODS chef to help start your journey towards Living longer and better!

LENGTH: 45 minutes
Author: Jay Kordich & Linda Kordich

CD: My Life Story — How I Beat The Odds - Jay Kordich's Incredible Life Story  

Journey with Jay as he tells us his remarkable and memorable life story. As a young man confronted with a life-threatening illness, he decided not to opt for surgery but moved to New York City to learn how to get well by studying under the famed Dr. Max Gerson. Jay learned the HEALING POWERS of fresh raw juices. Two years later, he was vital, fit and ready to teach all who would listen. Follow Jay as he relates all the interesting people, places and events he has experienced during his exciting and colorful life. Highly ENTERTAINING and MOTIVATING! On this CD Jay talks about:

  • Dr. Max Gerson's therapy.
  • Meet Dr. Norman Walker, juice therapy pioneer
  • Juicing with President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Meet the sports figures and celebrities Jay has influenced with his message

Through all the ups and downs of spreading the message of fresh raw juices, Jay was somehow able to keep moving forward. If you were ever down, depressed or unmotivated, this CD will truly change your life. "Never give up, even when nobody believes in you," says Jay Kordich.

LENGTH: 45 minutes
Author: Jay Kordich

CD: How to Live to be 100 by Jay Kordich

Do you believe you can live to be l00? Jay is a healthy and active 89 years old and well on his way! Jay Kordich reveals all his secrets. Jay will share with you:

  • 10 most important tips for living a vital, healthy, DISEASE FREE LIFE
  • How he has the ENERGY to stay active, even at 89
  • What keeps Jay YOUTHFUL in both MIND and BODY
  • Jay's personal diet for LONG LIFE, knowledge gained from over half a century of study

Jay tells us living to be 100 years old is a path he's been on for many years. Now you have the chance to learn how he's living his life and put that knowledge to work for yourself and those you love.

Author: Jay Kordich

Length: 45 Minutes

CD: The 20 Foods — Best and Worst

This CD takes you on a journey through the best and worst foods you'll likely find on the shelves at your nearest grocery store. Jay and Linda Kordich present valuable information from their research and experience. You'll hear from Jay and Linda:

  • The hidden danger of most cooking oils ... the benefits of essential oils, know the difference
  • Foods you've never heard ofÉ that can help you LIVE LONGER
  • 20 foods to avoid in your diet, that can harm your health
  • Undiscovered foods that are powerful, 20 foods you need to add to your diet right away

There is a lot of confusion out there. Discover what foods are REALLY HEALTHY and which or not. Jay has been studying these foods and products for more than half a century. The simple yet revealing information on this CD will change your life for the better!

LENGTH: 45 minutes
Author: Jay Kordich

CD: The Power of Greens

Did you know that on average, people eat eight hundred pounds of animal products every year, yet they consume only two pounds of raw green plants of any kind? Jay believes that when people become educated about the HEALING POWERS OF RAW GREEN FOODS, they will consume them voraciously every single day. That is his mission, to spread the word of how important raw greens can be to your health and longevity. In this CD Jay shares with you:

  • Secrets to consuming more greens on a daily basis
  • GREAT TASTING salads that are fun easy to make
  • The best GREEN JUICE RECIPES and combinations
  • The IMMUNE BOOSTING powers of raw greens
  • Why green foods are essential if you want to LIVE LONGER

"Greens," Jay Kordich says, "are THE MOST IMPORTANT FOODS on planet earth. There would be absolutely no life on earth, if not for the green of the plant." This information is important for you and your family's health and it's delivered in Jay's own entertaining style. If you didn't want to eat or juice greens before, you will change your mind after listening to this CD.

LENGTH: 45 minutes
Author: Jay Kordich