30 Days Living in the Green Zone! (Ebook)

30 Days Living in the Green Zone! (Ebook)

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I've been teaching juicing and the concepts of creating empowering living kitchens since 1981, when I married Jay Kordich. I have found, that most of us fail when first attempting to drastically change our eating habits, especially to learn to juice on a regular basis. I emphasize how to overcome these obstacles at length, in this book. Mostly I talk about how to beat the setbacks and struggles to maintain a lifelong habit of juicing and eat well on a daily basis!

Included in this book, I share 31 of our favorite supersmoothies, juices, living soups, pate's and cooked vegan foods, with all one thing in great common, and that is, they are all connected to the Green Zone! I will share with you what the Green zone is and how to stay within its healthy boundaries, and how Jay and I do it consistently. As well as sharing all of this with you, we also share our favorite and personal resources, authors, youtubers and websites.

Living in the Green Zone has been highly successful for Jay and I these past 35 years we've been married, and we wanted to be able to share them with you and your loved ones.


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In Jay and Linda's eBook You Will:

  • Find out what's really causing us to abandon our attempts to eating/juicing regularly, and how to find balance in an unbalanced world.
  • Discover 31 wonderful Green Zone Recipes you can easily incorporate into your daily diet, filled with Super Smoothies, Green Juices, Vegan and Raw High Green Recipes.
  • Learn to build your own Living Kitchen; superior tools and appliances that make your kitchen come alive, as well as specific organizational skills that make juicing and natural food prep super easy.
  • Discover what, Living in the Green Zone is all about, and why it's crucial we are in the Green Zone so that we can build and maintain, easily, superior health.
  • Linda and Jay share their personal references, connections, authors and youtube experts they recommend.
  • Find out how to build Super Salads! Whole Meals that will keep you full as well as help you lose weight naturally.
Here's what people are saying about the book:

"Wow, a plethargy of knowledge, thank you Jay and Linda!"
Karen Olsen, Bergen, Norway

"Jay, you are the last living health legend. We feel honored to learn what you have been doing all these years."
Jason Freed, Olympia, Washington

"I never knew about how to build a healthy kitchen, until now. Linda, you're the best thank you so much!"
Janet Lee
London, England