What Variety is the BEST Parsley for Juicing?

What's the BEST Parsley to Juice?
Flat Leaf or Curly Leaf?
We prefer CURLY over flat. It juices better, and it's flavor is more concentrated and bitter. Bitter is better for the Liver! And we recommend taking the Parsley, before you put it into the chute, put a few carrots into the juicer, then make a sandwich out of it, by scrunching it up with your hands and flushing through with the carrots, to get the BEST yield, ok? 🙂. This works best with slow and fast juicers.
One of the most asked questions that was presented to Jay over the years, is what's the most 'effective' green to juice?
Jay would always say, it's Parsley.
But Why?
Parsley is actually an herb. It's one of the most, if not 'best' dark leafy green (herb) that can effectively purify our bloodstream...quickly.
How do we Juice it?
The best way to juice Parsley is to use a slow juicer but if you don't have one or can't afford one, you can find the 'healthy juicer' online. it's a hand juicer for leafy greens and works great! The cost maybe is around $50.00. Also, if you take my directions from above, you can easily juice it through a fast juicer (which is what I do).
Should we juice Parsley alone?
Never! Please never ever juice Parsley alone, unless you want to find yourself in the toilet a few hours later evacuating out of both ends. Gosh I don't like being so graphic, but it's true. Parsley is extremely powerful, especially in juice form. Jay always used to teach people to only use 25% dark leafy greens in your juice so that our Liver can effectively absorb the nutrients without triggering a huge detoxing experience - including hurting the kidneys if consumed in large quantities.
What does Parsley juice, when combined properly do for our bodies?
#1. Blood Purifier
#2. Detoxifier of the Liver
#3. Blood Pressure regulator
#4. Balances fluids in the body
#5. Purifier of our skin, especially the face
#6. Kidney stone preventer
#7 Super high in antioxidants (cancer fighting)
BEST way to use Parsley in our Juices:
We use carrot juice as a 'carrier' to most vegetable juice combinations. It carries the nutrients from the leafy greens, and other vegetables in a highly effective way. Plus it also dilutes the intensity of the dark leafy greens so that our Livers can absorb the nutrients successfully without overstimulating the Liver.
Here's Our. Favorite! (32 ounces). It's a fabulous LIVER tonic especially when we add the beets.
10 large Carrots
1 large Handful of Parsley
5 ribs Celery
1 large Cucumber
1/2 Beet
This is also a good tonic for reducing 'bloat' or 'swelling' in the body when consumed daily for 7 days.
AND it will bring a tremendous amount of ENERGY to you! Enjoy! 🙂
Sending Lots of Love,
Linda Kordich
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