The Vast Differences Between Juicing and Blending by linda Kordich

It’s summertime!!!
So….what’s best for us…Juicing or Blending OR eating with Stone Fruits?
Jay and I have been teaching juice therapy for over 100 years collectively. Jay was taught by the late Great teachers - Dr Norman Walker and Dr. Max Gerson dating back to the 1940s.
Juice therapy teaches that juicing is preferred to blending due to the fact there is no fiber in the juices. This is causing a lot of controversies because blending has taken precedence over juicing because they don’t know the massive differences in absorption between the two.
I did a podcast on this a few months ago. Here’s the link!
Now about Stone Fruits:
We have always believed eating juicy fruits is better than blending or juicing.
Because our mouths have two powerful pre-digestive enzymes that are crucial to experiencing good digestion and superior absorption.
CHEWING the foods slowly - releases these enzymes so that we can digest to the best of our body’s abilities is key to all foods, including fruits. (However fruits are by far more easily digested without too much chewing).
Once these enzymes are released and we swallow - bingo!
This is why eating these kinds of fruits is the best way. Second would be juicing then blending. In the podcast you’ll see.
Now we have the soluble fibers from the fruits, the release of our mouth’s enzymes as well as swallowing these juices.
What stone fruits are best to eat then?
1. Peaches
2. Nectarines
3. Plums
4. Apricots
5. Mangoes
6. Lychees
7. Cherries
Bathe your body with these delicious juicy fruits! They have soluble fibers in them that’s incredibly powerful to help with digestion, good skin and good bowel function!
fyi: Soluble fiber is still present in your juice. Insoluble fiber is what comes out of the juicer as the pulp. It adds bulk to the stool, helps to keep the bowels regular, fills you up and speeds up the passage of food through the digestive tract.
So let’s eat away! Melons stone fruits apples pears….yesssss!
Sending Love today
Linda Kordich ❤️

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