The Value of Juicing Lettuces by Linda Kordich

Why Juice Romaine Lettuce?
One of the things we lack in our diets is really GOOD mineral water. You know the kinds of mineral waters that truly feed the body in ways that makes these minerals become absorbed by the bloodstream 100%.
Lettuces of all kinds can do this.
What do they do for us?
1. hydrates the body in ways no others can
2. brings insoluble fibers that help heal the colon
3. HIGH levels of usable Vitamin A and fiber (see #2)
4. Romaine lettuce is full of protein:
Just 2 cups of this premium produce make a generous side salad packed with 1.16 grams of protein. That nutritional kick promotes good health as effectively as animal-based proteins.
Imagine that when we are juicing Romaine Lettuce. Juicing up to 4 cups of Romain Lettuces bring us about 8 ounces of juice.
The best way to juice Romaine Lettuce is to combine it this way:
40% Carrot
40% Romaine Lettuce
20% Spinach
Spinach is rich in protein and iron, thus the reasons for juicing them this way. You can be well assured this juice therapy tonic will provide your body with 100% usable protein that is difficult to get in any other way that makes these juice 100% assimilable. These juices go into the bloodstream immediately, without the process of digestion (by either eating or blending) which actually deters100% assimilation.
just like when you drink alcohol or coffee, these drinks have no fibers in them, so we feel their effects immediately.
This is the reasons why juice therapies are so valuable to restoring the cells of our bodies to optimum levels.

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