The Incredible Value of Juicing the Entire Watermelon

Summer is Coming!
Now is the time to purchase those Watermelons which are full of special nutrients... yes the skins and the rind.
Juicing the rind and the skins are healthy for us?
You betcha.
When we juice the entire watermelon (seeds, skin, flesh and rind) we are getting amazing nutrients that our human body can 100% assimilate.
Here's what's in the Rind and Skin:
The white part of the fruit between the pink flesh and tough green skin—is not only edible, but it's a potent source of nutrients that happen to be totally different than those in watermelon flesh. So, it's almost like two fruits in one!
Why so great?
For starters, it packs more fiber and potassium than watermelon flesh, making it an extremely heart-healthy snack; and per an Agricultural Research Services study, it also contains significant levels of the amino acid citrulline.
Citrulline, in turn, plays a key role in creating another amino acid called arginine, which boosts nitric oxide production, helping relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and promote overall vascular health; combats fatigue; stimulates the immune system; helps fight cancer; and aids in muscle growth and wound healing.
Hey and let's not forget the other can enhance our libido, especially in men. 🙂
Plus, the sugars in watermelon are high, so to juice the entire watermelon makes total sense as it balances out the sugar rush (although don't fret) as in 15 minutes the rush is gone.
Here's how to do it! (try to buy with seeds! -
Cut the watermelon in long strips and juice the entire watermelon, seeds and all ok?
Don't worry about the pulp. PULP has zero nutrients. All nutrients lie in the juice from anything you juice.
We can't EAT the rind/skin so let's juice it, AND another benefit? The watermelon will double in volume because we're juicing the entire melon.
Sending love,
Linda Kordich 🙂

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