The Easiest and Most Delicious Raw Mango Pie!

Good Morning Dear Friends 🙂
It's MANGO MADNESS and you're going to Love it!
I've been in Redmond, Washington for the past week, visiting our oldest son, John Kordich who turned 39 - how is that possible when I can still hear his sweet little voice saying, "I wuv you Mommy". Sorta sad! ... now he's 6'2" - has long hair and is a Microsoft Principal engineer.
Where did the time go?
But the good news is that I made him the MOST AWESOME RAW PIE! (He's a committed Vegan since the 1990s.).
Our entire family were vegetarians until mid 90s when most of us became vegans, but our youngest son didn't become a vegan until the mid 2000s. To each his own Jay and I used to say. Showing by example was our way of teaching our children. And it would have been totally OK if he didn't see the wisdom in being a vegan.
However, TODAY is a special day because even non vegetarians/vegans and even raw foodies can eat this pie and they ALL love it!
Here's the super simple...yes simple...Fresh Organic
Mango/Coconut Pie
AND - It’s Super easy….!
Ingredients (we used organic only)
4 ripe (Ataulfo)* Mangos (peeled) for the dressing
1 large Thai Coconut
For the inside of the Pie!
2 bananas sliced
2 sliced apples but not green apples (i used honey crisp))
2 (extra) regular sized mangoes, sliced for the inside of the pie
For the Crust!
3 cups walnuts
1 cup raisins
Blend the crust for one full minute on medium with your Quisinart.) this is a food processor.
Place pie crust with hands into a 12 inch glass pie dish.
Proceed layering bananas apples And mangoes until they reach the top of the glass pie dish
Blend the large (2) mangoes, coconut meat And its water with 2 tablespoons of honey for a few minutes.
Then use this as the topping and you’re done!
Refrigerate for a few hours then Serve.
It’s Raw - it’s Delicious - it’s Natural and Organic!
This recipe is on our book Live Foods/Live Bodies. This was the last book Jay and I wrote together.
LOVE. you all so much!
(I can't tell you how grateful I am to be back after 2+ years of being locked out of FB)
Linda 🙂
Atauflo Mangoes can be purchased almost anywhere now!
they're kind of tall and narrow and super delicious.

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