Super Salads from Home by Linda Kordich

I've been in San Diego for ten days, caretaking my elderly parents. Both my parents are in great shape and are in their early 90s. I attest it to juicing since 1965, vegan and vegetarian foods, simple living and outdoor gardening!
Today I'm sharing my juice of the day!
If you'd like to be part of my "juicing support group" via email, I'd love to have you join us! Weekly I'll be sharing a great juice therapy tonic that resonates with the produce in season and I'll also be sharing the vast differences between juicing and juice therapy.
Todays Juice! (makes 34 ounces)
12 Carrots
9 ribs Celery
1 medium sized Beet with its greens (not all of them)
1 inch fresh Ginger Root
1 large Red Bell Pepper (and make sure to juice entire Pepper with its seeds)*
1 Golden Delicious Apple
*using seeds is vital! It has the life-force in it. It won't make the juice too peppery. (hot).
Juice this (it should make about 32-34 ounces, and drink slowly... but don't wait too long because AIR kills enzymes and antioxidants. (best to consume within a 5 minute period.)
Why Use Bell Peppers?
Did you know Bell Peppers have three times more usable vitamin C than Oranges?
Yes, and it won't give you the sugar rush from oranges that most people can't tolerate much any longer.
Bell Peppers (colored) are in Season so Let's juice them!
Yes, they're going to be much more reasonable at the store now, so let's bone up on them.
What Bell Peppers are the most healthiest for us?
RED are the best. Why?
Because they've been on the vine the longest. Green Bell Peppers are unripened Red Bell Peppers, so that's why many people burp and have digestive upsets when consuming Green Bell Peppers. First, Red, then Orange, Yellow then Green.
(If you don't want to add all the rest of the ingredients into your juice, just try juicing Carrots and Red Bell Peppers. It tastes great!)
And if you consume a plethora of cooked foods and get sleepy after a meal, try juicing with your meals. Sip your juices throughout your meal, eat slower and you'll notice a big difference.
Because fresh juices are FULL of enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts that help digest our foods so that we don't have issues with absorption, flatulence, (yikes!) indigestion and all those nasty tummy troubles.
Sending Lots of Love and Support Your Way!
Linda Kordich

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