Nectar of the Gods - Fresh Tangerine Juice!

Nectar of the Gods - Fresh Tangerine Juice!
Years ago I can remember Jay and I would have to wait until November to consume Tangerines. However, nowadays, we can get a plethora of tangerines and in amazing varieties, but all Tangerines aren't equal.
Seeds are Powerful!
It's BEST to always consume all citrus, including Tangerines when they have seeds in them. Seeds in these fruits means they've got the ability to reproduce which also means they have the life-force in them!
Mandarins are the healthiest of the Tangerines and we don't really recommend the Cuties varieties. They've been hybridized and also have been 'bred' out of the seeds.
Great for children because they can't choke on the seeds, and these varieties are better than giving them candy, right? However, if you're looking for the best varieties.
It's ALWAYS best to consume fruit (and all varieties of veggies) when they're in naturally in season. Our bodies flow with the seasons, mostly unbeknownst to us
(unconsciously). Yet there is a huge part of 'us' that definitely responds to fruits and veggies in season, yet it's hard to quantify.
All varieties of Citrus are BEST consumed in the wintertime, (November through March) and Mother Nature has provided it this for us because all Citrus (Lemons are the best) are quite high in usable Vitamin C which staves off colds and flues.
Interesting isn't it?
Mandarin Tangerines have the most seeds, and these are the ones we have always eaten!
Can we Juice the Seeds?
When we juice Tangerines, we definitely juice the seeds because this is where the most valuable part of the Tangerine is: reduces constipation, prevents strokes and heart attacks, and contains concentrated forms of powerful antioxidants we can't find in the meat of the Tangerine.
Here's our recommendations: (best to weakest)
1. Mandarins
2. Satsuma
3. Clementine
4. Tangor (cross between Tangerine and Orange)
5. Tangelo (cross between orange/tangerine)
However, we recommend the first 3 the most!
Tangerines have more vitamin A than oranges, but Oranges have more Vitamin C than tangerines. This is why I highly recommend juicing Tangerines this way!
8 Tangerines (peeled leaving most of the white on the flesh)
1 large Red Ruby Grapefruit (peeled)
1/2 inch fresh Ginger Root
Juice and Enjoy!
You'll receive most of your daily recommended vitamin C and it will be 100% absorbable...much better than taking vitamin C pills.
Sending Love & Support,
Linda Kordich

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