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Dear Readers:
THANK YOU for all your love and support, my goodness I really needed it. I've kept your suggestions and let's keep our fingers crossed that I won't get shut out again because there's so much to share with you!
For those of you who want to be part of my new Podcast - I have added your names and you should be receiving the new one over the weekend or by this coming Monday. 🙂
Jay and I garnered over 100 years of collective knowledge and wisdom about the healing powers of juice therapy. NOT just juicing...there is a significant different.
Today I am recording a PODCAST on this exact subject and I will post it here. If you'd like to receive them into your inbox, just write to me at: and I'll add you onto my private list.
Here it is!
You can always message me if you have questions. I'll do my best to answer them this weekend.
Sending Love & Gratitude!
Linda Kordich

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