Juicing with Fresh Organic Fennel

Yep it’s in season… 😁. yay!
Why is it so Powerful?
Fennel has a powerful and “unique” antioxidant that possesses anti-metastasis properties. It also has gastrointestinal healing properties - anti-fungal and anti-vital compounds too!
One more benefit it has is to heal periodontal disease.
This means it has the ability to reduce the growth of tumors of all kinds.
We can juice Fennel beautifully and easily.
The best way to combine this root to enhance more benefits is to juice it this way:
10 carrots
10 ribs Celery
1 whole Fennel
1 inch fresh ginger root
But best is fresh Turmeric*
1 large handful Parsley
2 inches of fresh Rosemary
Remember - using carrots in juice therapy is best described as being the best carrier for all other macro and micro nutrients such as these. (Anethole)
*turmeric has similar properties that help reduce tumors so combined with fennel, it enhances the healing abilities.
This makes approximately 30 ounces.
Drink immediately. ☺️
And… let’s not forget - Fennel tastes delicious! Very similar to licorice.
Sending Love and Support
Linda Kordich

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