Juicing HEMP!

Juicing with Hemp?
Yesssss….I’ve been juicing with it for years!
I know several people who have become well, within just a few months when debilitated with incurable diseases such as Lyme.
Forget smoking it!
It’s not the oil or cbd when processing it that it makes it a super healer, it’s the extracted, enzyme rich JUICES - unspoiled and unadulterated as it’s derived from the plant.
Leaves, stems flowers and root…yes juice it all.
Grow it and juice it. Yep it’s th easy.
I’m growing it now in my backyard and look - within a few day’s time it’s starting to grow prolifically.
What’s so Special in Hemp?
It’s a great source of complete protein
It’s rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
It’s rich in fiber
It has a quality amino acid profile
It’s a great source of magnesium
PLUS it is like a weed. Weeds have incredible potentialities to detoxify the body in ways most plants can’t. It’s still a mystery!
How to Juice?
Use it while (once it reaches 12-15 inches high) in your juices when combined this way:
Carrot (50-60%)
Celery (20-30%)
Hemp (10-20%)
Sending Love to you all.
(photo: Hemp Sprouts growing in my garden!)
May be an image of seedlings

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