Healing Swelling of the joints, ankles, wrists and stomach with Carrot/Celery Juice

Happy Weekend!
I am finally back from my 3 week jaunt - cooking Veg/Vegan Foods for my meditation group. Last four days we had over 40 people!
LOVED every minute of it.
People who donate their time giving selfless service inspire me. When we group together, wonderful things happen. 🙂
I am sending out ALL the recipes tomorrow that I promised to send out, so please be patient. They're coming soon.
Sending lots of Love and Gratitude you way today.
(I made Carrot/Celery juice this morning...delicious and incredibly balancing to reduce swelling in the ankles, feet, hands and face. Just make sure that it's 32 ounces and do not store it.
Linda Kordich 🙂
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