Cleansing the Lymph by Linda Kordich

How To Cleanse Our Lymph System with Fresh Juicing!
Blending is ok but not it relates to bringing loads of antioxidants/phytochemicals, usable vitamins and minerals the best 'way.'
When we are juicing with fresh fruits/veggies, they get into our bloodstream immediately with 100% of the nutrients absorbed within only a few minutes, just like when we drink coffee, tea or alcohol, we feel it within minutes! This is because there is 'zero' fiber in them.
This is why juicing works so effectively when it comes to helping cleanse and clear our congested lymph system, which most of us suffer from, yet most of us don't even know what's going on!
Our Lymphatic System does not have a pump like our heart does, so we need to exercise our bodies, move our bodies, be in sunshine as well as juicing specific fruits and greens on a daily, or regularly, sustained basis.
Truthfully... it works to keep our Immune System Optimal!
Here's my best suggestion from a Juice Therapist Point of View:
1 cup fresh Cranberries
2 large Lemons (using 1/2 the skins)
2 Grapefruits, peeled leaving as much of the white as possible and NO peels
1/2 inch fresh Ginger Root
Juice this with your slow or fast juicer. Start with the Ginger, then add cranberries*** then add lemons and finish off with the grapefruits.
***If you can't find fresh Cranberries, you can use fresh Blueberries/Mulberries/Strawberries/Raspberries or Boysenberries.
How Much Daily is Most Effective?
Drink this tonic daily (32) ounces - and vary the berries but continue to use either Lime, Lemons and/or Grapefruits and Ginger.
Within 30 days your Lymph System will have drained beautifully and you'll lose weight, especially bloated 'weight' as well as feeling energy for the first time in a long time.
Just remember, do NOT eat breads, heavily cooked foods or red meats, sugars, cookies, crackers, cakes, etc.,. Go 30 days without all of these and you'll notice a big difference!
Sending Lots of Love to you All.
Linda Kordich

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