BEST Inflammation fighter!

Good Morning - Happy Saturday Facebook Family!
This will really get you in a happy mood this morning AND lower the inflammation in your body in the. most effective and successful way.
Yes it's with Lemons!
Most of us think that Lemons are acidic, and yes they are in a way, but once they reach our tummies, they turn into alkaline ash and when we combine them with Ginger and Pineapple you have a big time winner!
I recommend 12 ounces twice daily for best results. Pls. try to stay away from acid forming foods too ok? Fried foods, animal flesh foods, SODAS, sugars, crackers, cookies, cakes, breads, high protein foods, etc.,.
Stick with salads, fresh juices like this one as well as well as avocados and ALL greens and veggies.
Doing this for 3 straight days will really help you!
Here's the anti inflammation TONIC! (one of our favorites throughout the years)
Makes 12 ounces:
2 inches in length of fresh pineapple
1 large inch (rounded) of fresh Ginger root
2 Lemons with skins.
Juice and Enjoy!
Sending lots of Love,
Linda Kordich

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