Tribest GREENSTAR Pro Juicer & $389.00 FREE Living Health Program!
Tribest GREENSTAR Pro Juicer & $389.00 FREE Living Health Program!
Tribest GREENSTAR Pro Juicer & $389.00 FREE Living Health Program!

Tribest GREENSTAR Pro Juicer & $389.00 FREE Living Health Program!

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Important to know before you buy!

When you purchase this juicer, you will separately receive Jay and Linda Kordich's #$389.95 value - their Live Foods Live Bodies Program & Remedy book after you purchase the juicer.  It's a beautiful program that you will own forever.  It's full of videos, audio lectures, and over 100 years, collectively of knowledgeable information about the restorative powers of juicing, from the Juiceman himself.  Priceless!

About the GreenStar Pro:

It's warranted by Tribest for 12 years. They offer an amazing warranty on all their juicers and are the juicer company worthy of trust.

Why Green Star Pro? The answer is quite simple.  The innovative technology behind this juicer/food processor makes it the best machine for everyone interested in buying a powerful, effective, reliable, with a magnificent guarantee. The Greenstar, not just juices, it also creates pate's, ice crushes, nut butters and so much more.  Green Star juicers have a patented twin gear mechanism that has three innovative features:

The Greenstar has flat surfaces that triturate, (that means presses) the food, and extrudes it over a serial magnet surrounded by bioceramic materials that enhances the stability of the freshness of the food. This process occurs at a low speed of 110 RPM, which means that there is virtually no heating, or shock, to the enzymes of any food passing through these gears. This saves precious nutrients.


UPDATE!  We are officially announcing a change in our warranty period for the Green Star Pro Juice Extractor. The warranty period has increased from 5 years to 12 years for the registered owner of all GSE juicers purchased in the U.S. 


Five Machines in One!
1. Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor
     Juices a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, including carrots, apples, beets, and celery.
2. Wheatgrass and Herb Juicer
     Juices wheat grass, herbs, sprouts and other leafy greens, including, cereal grasses, parsley, kale, spinach, alfalfa.
3. Food Mill
     Homogenizes, makes baby food, nut butters, frozen fruit sorbet and more!
4. Breadstick Maker
     Makes Delicious raw breadsticks, and Japanese rice cake
5. Pasta Maker
     Easily converts into a Pasta Press! (GP-E1503 comes standard with 3 pasta settings; GS models have 2 pasta settings - comes standard with GS-3000, optional for GS-1000 and GS-2000)


The Technology of the  Greenstar Juicer is UNLIKE any other juicer you can purchase. See below:

Twin Gear Technology
     Twin Gear with its powerful triturating action, cuts and juices all vegetables including carrots, celery, leafy vegetables and wheat grass.
     The unique twin gear (all stainless steel gears) unit features a pocket-recessed area to more easily accept fibrous vegetables and herbs, 3 separate points that cut strong fibers like celery so the appliance does not get jammed or clogged, and the extremely close clearance of the twin gears at 4/1000 of an inch. These features combine to more easily, thoroughly and gently extract more juice, more quickly, leaving the ejected pulp drier.
More On Twin Gears
     At only 110 revolutions per minute, minimal heat build-up develops in the juice and therefore initial oxidation is delayed allowing more leisurely consumption while getting full nutritional benefits. A recent independent comparative study on how 5 different juicers effect juice stability showed that apples at 59.9°F juiced in a Green Star only increased in temperature bit over 1/2 of 1 degree to 60.44°F. The other 4 juicers ranged from almost 3 1/2 degrees to over 14°F higher than the original temperature of the fruit.
     At the core of each rotating gear is a series of in-line magnets that produce a focused magnetic field of 2600 gauss through which the juice flows during the juicing process. As it flows through the focused field, large clusters of water molecules in the juice are broken up into smaller clusters of water molecules. The smaller clusters are able to latch onto more minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium than the larger clusters -- meaning you get more nutrition from each drop of juice in a suspended colloidal form that the body can use for a longer length of time.
     Far Infrared is the natural resonant frequency range of water and allergenic substances including man. We call it the life force frequency. Infrared wavelength ranges from .7 to 1000 microns, just beyond visible light. Far Infrared is a part of this wavelength family we use in Infrared photography, mapping the earth's surface, and guiding missiles to their target. Our skin radiates 9.36 microns Far Infrared wave which is very close to the resonant frequency of a water molecule - and rightly so since our bodies are about 70 % water. Far Infrared waves are the safest and most beneficial energy source available.
     Green Star places a specially formulated bioceramic material around the in-line magnets at the core of each twin-gear. The BIoceramiccompound uses the mechanical energy from the turning of the twin-gears to generate Far Infrared waves that penetrate the water within the juice. Since water naturally resonates at this frequency, the water molecules not only receive the Far Infrared energy but also radiate it, thus further stabilizing the fragile structure of the juice.
Accessories Enclosed
5 Utility Attachments
   Coarse Screen
   Fine Screen
   Homogenizing Blank
   Rice Cake Attachment
   Pasta Making
1 Wooden Plunger
1 Glass Juice Cup
1 Cleaning Brush
110 rpm turning speed
190 W 60HZ, 120V
Green Star Pro Juice Extractor
     The Green Star juice extractor, with its uniquely engineered design, has been assembled using the highest quality materials and workmanship for your maximum health and juicing pleasure!