(Soft Cover) The Jay Kordich Life Story:  "Isn't Life Beautiful?"

(Soft Cover) The Jay Kordich Life Story: "Isn't Life Beautiful?"

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Actual Book:  The Jay Kordich Life Story: "Isn't Life Beautiful?" 
Hundreds of millions of us know about juicing...but do you know who single-handedly brought it to the world?
It came from only one man.....Jay Kordich.
The Juiceman, Jay Kordich brought the world the power of juicing after dedicating close to 70 years to the teaching only a few thousand people know about in American back in the 1950s.
Yet something interrupted his mission that would change his life forever. Corporate greed, jealousy, revenge, betrayal plagued Jay's career yet he still carried on.....ultimately transforming his and my life forever.
I urge you to read this book. It is truly worth the read and will help you, personally overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable. All of us face challenges and some of us face hopeless situations that can break us in two, but it does not have to happen this way.
Heartbreak, loss and bitterness can kill our spirit - trust and faith.  Sometimes it ends our life.
I share recipes, and never seen before photos, as well as weaving in and out throughout the book, the beautiful love story Jay and I were able to share.
TESTIMONIALS:  "My God I cried my heart out and I laughed like crazy almost throughout the entire book.  I so loved it. Thank you, Linda."  Kay Marie/Minneapolis, MN.
"Jay changed my life forever. I wanted to learn about the man who changed my life, and boy was I shocked to learn about his personal life struggles and the triumphs."  Elmer Schmidt, Kansas City, Kansas
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